Friday Favorites

by amanda

Each Friday, I’m going to share some of the things that caught my eye in the food and health world throughout the week. Anything from recipes I’m excited to try, to new blogs found, or inspiring ways to decorate or merchandise kitchen space. Please share your own favorite links in the comments!

I hope you’re looking forward to a lovely weekend. I’m cooking something delicious tonight from our first CSA box (I think I’m going to make a gluten-free veggie pizza, and maybe a summer salad with roasted rhubarb – more on how gluten ruined my life this week in a later post) and also brunch for a friend on Sunday, complete with mimosas made from freshly-juiced oranges and grapes. A year ago if you’d have told me I’d home on a Friday, in my pjs at 5pm and thrilled to spend the evening roasting rhubarb and bok choy and making pizza dough crust, I’d have truly thought you were insane. But, here I am.

A few of my favorite things this week…

Ever since I discovered a super simple way to make healthy peanut sauce, which has long been my very favorite condiment, I’ve been really excited to incorporate it into new recipes, like this delicious-looking kale and mint salad with spicy peanut dressing from Food52.

I’m trying to cook more with fresh herbs, and this feature on The Chalkboard about parsley’s superfood, and super cancer-fighting, qualities has me on a new mission to use it in everything. Big bunches of it at the greenmarket are usually only $2!

Cherry Bombe magazine is an amazing new food magazine started by two women who worked in the fashion industry and met while working at Harper’s Bazaar. It’s a nice, big, gorgeous annual, and there is, perhaps, no better combination than fashion + food. (Other than wine + everything.) In their inaugural issue, they featured Lookbook Cookbook, a dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free dessert blog where all the photos use real models. It’s amazing. And I don’t know about you, but I had never been a dessert person until I started making raw and vegan desserts – you won’t want an ordinary cupcake again.

chloe1216_0227 copy

Curry in a veggie burger? Yes, please.

Not as much food-related, but certainly health-related. This is a great opinion piece in the NY Times about a doctor who visits an inpatient hospice for the first time. I recently had the same experience and was overwhelmed by how comforting and peaceful it was.

theKitchn ran an article about smart decorating for small kitchens. If you’ve ever had a New York kitchen (the total amount of counter space in my Manhattan apartment = 1 cutting board. And I do not have a studio.), you understand the importance of this. I’m a big fan of artful clutter, and I love methods of organization that also function as display pieces.

22 habits of healthy people. 

Image via: lookbook cookbook