Smashed Eggs and Avocado on Toast

by amanda

This is so good, it hurts. I’m not kidding. I know it doesn’t really seem like a recipe, but I made it last week for breakfast after doing a big farmer’s market haul and it was so good I just wanted to fist-pump everything the entire time I was eating it. I made it for Matt and I a couple mornings later, and you should have seen us. It was like we had never seen eggs, or avocado, or toast before. We marveled the entire time, so excited and pleased with ourselves.

This idea of smashing everything on toast was introduced to me while reading Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal. It’s a beautifully written book about cooking – about the simplicity of flavors, using fresh ingredients and really about taking care to use every bit of the food you cook, including the peels, stems and leaves that are generally tossed in the trash. She taught me a great deal about the true malleability of food, as well as the fact that everything is better when smashed together on a piece of toast. I tried her technique for the first time when I brought leftover burrito stuffing to work (quinoa, sweet potato and black beans) and smashed it on a piece of toast with avocado and tofu sour cream for breakfast. It was so good I wanted to cry.


Recipe: Smashed Eggs and Avocado on Toast

Servings: 1, or 2 as a snack

Cook time: 5 minutes


2 pastured eggs, soft boiled

2 pieces sprouted toast (this is my favorite)

1/2 avocado

salt and red pepper, to taste

For soft-boiled eggs, place 2 eggs in a saucepan filled with water and let cook for 5 minutes once water has come to a boil. If you are using store-bought eggs, rather than pastured eggs from the farmer’s market, they might be a bit smaller, so I’d reduce the boiling time to 3-4 minutes. The eggs I’ve been buying recently are more akin to jumbo eggs than large eggs, which is why they can still be soft-boiled after 5 minutes. While the eggs are boiling, toast your bread.

Once you’ve taken the eggs off the heat, drain the hot water and replace with cold water. Let the eggs sit while the bread finishes toasting and you prepare the avocado. Smash 1/4 of the avocado apiece on each slice of toast and it give it a light dusting of salt. Peel the eggs, smash them on top of the avocado, top with a bit more salt and crushed red pepper, and prepare to be overjoyed.