Food Linkage: Ramen, The Super Food Powers of Cacao, and Why I Need an Ice Cream Maker

by amanda

I should know better than to say I will regularly post a certain kind of feature every week. Like I did the first time I posted my Friday Favorites…3 weeks ago. So! We’re just going to re-brand a bit and call this Food Linkage. And it’s going to happen whenever it wants.

I love Smorgasburg, Whole Foods and ramen. And today I found out that all three have converged at the Bowery Whole Foods, where Smorgusburg and Yuji Ramen have a pop-up shop. Who wants to go on a lunch date next week?


I try to keep my diet as stocked with healing super foods as possible, but there is nothing better than a super food that also satiates a sweet tooth. I’ve been keeping cacao out of my smoothies in the morning because I felt a little guilty loading myself up with chocolate for breakfast, but now that The Chalkboard has debunked that rationale, I’m quite looking forward to a new rotation of dessert for breakfast. Also, who doesn’t want to head off to work fueled by food that boosts your mood and calms you down? I can think of about a million days where that’s going to come in handy.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start making my own almond milk. As almond milk is simply a blend of almonds and water, it really freaks me out that I cannot find one in any store that does not contain 15 ingredients I can’t pronounce or recognize, including carrageenan, which is a cancer-causing toxin. As the world has already done quite enough to firmly establish my genetic relationship to cancer, I make sure to keep it out of my food. I can’t wait to try Angela Liddon’s version of homemade almond milk, which includes dates and cinnamon! Yum. This nut bag will be arriving today, and now all I need is a cute jar to store it in. Which means I’ll probably have to take a trip here


Angela Liddon’s homemade almond milk!

This is totally non-food related, but this brother and sister act on America’s Got Talent is beyond wonderful. You will laugh so hard.

I love talking about bodily functions. More than I’m sure makes most people comfortable. And I’m particularly interested in discovering new food combinations to help aid certain bodily processes. Like my morning juice of pineapple, fennel and cabbage, which has done wonders for my digestion. This article was recently passed along to me by a friend, and it’s a four week plan that advises which foods to add into your diet during each week of the month to help regulate hormones and your monthly cycle. Now that we’re at the end of the month, I’m really excited to give this a go for July, and to see if I notice any changes in how I feel. Pay attention to the note on soy. I find myself falling back on it every once in a while (buying soy milk at the store when I can’t find the right almond milk), but this was a good reminder to kick it to the curb (and start enjoying my own homemade almond milk).

My birthday is not until November, but I am asking for an ice cream machine so I can make every single one of these.


Vegan peanut butter chunk and chocolate crunch ice cream. Amazing.

I bought a collection of MFK Fisher books and this memoir at Myopic Books when I was in Chicago last week, and I can’t wait to dive  into both.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to: cocktails outside, going for a run in Williamsburg, Matt being back in town, going to the farmer’s market, cooking something delicious with something from the farmer’s market, and for it to not be 90 freaking, god-awful, why-is my-makeup-melting-everywhere-this-is-so-sad degrees.

Happy weekending!

Photo credit: Buzzfeed, Oh She Glows, Whole Foods