Vegan Elote + Baked Sweet Potato

by amanda

Tonight’s dinner was an exercise in simplicity. An attempt to elevate foods I already had in my in my kitchen with a new mix of spices for something delicious and uncomplicated. I bought a couple ears of corn last week because I am from Iowa and summer just isn’t right without  buttery, salty ears of corn on the cob as often as possible. I decided to roast the corn and evoke flavors of Mexican elote (corn on the cob with spices, crema and cheese) with a bit of vegan flair. Cayenne adds heat. while the nutritional yeast provides a nutty cheesiness.

Recipe: Vegan Elote + Baked Sweet Potato

Prep: 3 minutes

Cook time: 45 minutes


sweet potato

corn on the cob (I had 2 corns on the cob. You should have as many cobs and potatoes as you’d like.)

Earth Balance



nutritional yeast




olive oil


Notice how there are no ingredient amounts? Because this is not a recipe that benefits from that. Load it up with spices and vegan butter however you see fit, and I will guide you along the way.

First, preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Poke 4-6 holes with a fork into your sweet potato and toss it into the oven. I coated mine with olive oil first to crisp up the skin, although this is not necessary. It should cook for 45 minutes, give or take 5 depending on the size of your sweet potato. (Mine was smaller than normal – usually I try to find the King Kamehameha [as my father would say] of potatoes, because my capacity for baked potatoes knows no boundaries.)

Add a teaspoon, minimum, each of cumin, cayenne, nutritional yeast and paprika to a bowl. Season with salt and pepper and mix together until they’re all combined.

Coat your corn with Earth Balance, olive oil, or whatever you choose. Then coat generously with the seasoning mix. Leave a bit leftover, as some will dissipate while roasting and it’s nice to freshen the flavor once it’s cooked.

Put the corn in the oven with the sweet potato after 30 minutes. The corn only needs to cook 15 minutes, so gauge this however works for you.

Take the sweet potato and the corn out of the oven, top with more Earth Balance and seasoning as needed, and enjoy.

Spice mixture.

Spice mixture.