My name is Amanda and I am a writer living in New York City. I love food, and I love to eat. Over the past year my passion for food as total wellness has become something of a personal revolution. I’ve become extremely passionate about living a whole foods lifestyle and giving up processed foods, and as a writer, it has seemed only fitting to begin chronicling this through words.

I’ll be sharing what I’m cooking, new recipes, and anything related to the food world that I find inspiring. What you’ll see here is the food I like to cook at home for my boyfriend and I: healthy, vegetarian (with the exception of our occasional foray into the CSF world), predominately vegan and never highly processed (except for my obsession with Garden of Eatin’ chips, which will remain private and thankfully, for you, not to be showcased here. The sprouted ones are life changing.). I have no idea where this will go, but I am thrilled to begin directing my love for food towards a more creative path.

When I’m not eating, which is rarely, I love going to spin class, to the movies and reading the many food zines piling up in my apartment. Law and Order: SVU and Chopped are constant fixtures on my television, and I really enjoy a good glass of wine. Or, two.

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by!